Online Data Entry Test & Its Format

An offline or online data entry test is specially designed to understand the candidate’s ability and speed of typing and entering data (numbers and letters) accurately. During the online test, candidates are bound to enter data, whether it is in a written, verbal or audio file. Various informative tables are also provided to the candidates from where they not only have to enter data but also cross-match the data. The table information that is cross-matched and enter usually appears in the form of model numbers, context number, particular range of different numeric forms (such as negative numbers with unites or quantity) and occasional addresses (such as IDs, IP addresses, product number etc.).

Format of online data entry test

Other than speed and accuracy, there are many other data entry teste that is taken to assess other job-related skills. A data entry test about these skills is wrapped up around three important points.

Listening & Communication

This type of data entry test is taken to assess the candidate’s listening and communication skills. The main purpose of this test is to measure the patience, calmness and use of appropriate terminology while focusing on the caller’s needs. Moreover, this type of data entry test is also taken to assess a candidate’s ability to provide easy and valid solutions for the caller’s problems.

Stress Management

During a data entry test, a candidate must have to interact with different systems simultaneously. He or she has to copy and enter data from different sites at one time. So stress management test will assess the candidate’s ability to interact and work on different systems at one time.

Solving Multiple Problems

Whether it’s an offline date entry test or an online, a candidate has to understand different problem-solving methods. This type of test is commenced to test the ability of the candidate for solving problems. Basically, the main purpose is to testify the candidate’s skills to acquire information from not only to the callers but also from various systems. A problem-solving test measures the candidate’s ability, such as how they will work through problems and what kind of solution they will provide.

Although all these online job-related skills are taken, it is important to understand that candidates have to perform multiple duties and handle various systems simultaneously and accurately. So, it is important to work on these three job-related skills elements before appearing in a data entry test.

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