Read This Before You Enter For The MCSD Exams

Read This Before You Enter For The MCSD Exams

The fact that your friend is pursuing a qualifying exam for mcsd certification does not make it ideal for you. There is the need to understand the concept of the exams and how well it will enhance your chances in the labor market before you enter for any of these exams. We shall be unmasking the myth behind the MSCD certification and at the end of it all, you will know if it is for you or the other way round.

What Is MCSD?

The term MCSD stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. If you are an information technology professional, then this is a career path for you. Further, if you desire to demonstrate your expertise in the areas listed below; then you are expected to pass through the course:

Windows store apps

Web applications

Application lifecycle management

Sharepoint applications

If your interests lie in the fields listed above; then you have no choice other than to pass through this course of study if you want to command the respect that is due to you in the industry.

MCSD Certification Overview

For now, there are six available mcsd certification tracks. The certifications under mention here are designed for experienced IT professionals. If you fall below that order and you engage in the course, you will barely manage to pull through the requirements of the course. The pros that undertake this course can find relevance in the following areas:

Software development

Web developer

Applications engineer

Other related careers

You are expected to pass a series of exams for every stage of the certification track. The number of tracks that you are expected to pass depends on the nature of the applications involved. After successfully passing all the relevant stages, you will be certified fit to carry the honor of being an expert in the field.

Things are changing in the field of technology, as such, every professional is expected to update himself with the changes as they come into play. As a test of the ability of every professional, they are expected to pass a re-certification exam. These exams are conducted in the space of every two years. This is so to ensure that every professional is in tune with the reality of things in the sector.

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